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We have recently opened our tea room; a private dinning room. We can now accommodate tea parties & private parties.

For information on reservations for tea parties please call us between the hours of 9 a.m. & 7 p.m.

For a copy of our tea menu please click the link below for the printer friendly version.

*Printable Tea Menu*

Now Offering

Tea Time

Weekdays from 2p.m. until 4p.m.

Choice of loose tea

First course: Chicken salad on a croissant.

Second course: Choice of scone

Third course: Tea cookies, & almond shortbread.

Tea Parties by Reservation

Reservations are required with a credit card number. Since High Tea requires advance preparation, you will be charged for the number of reservations you make. Please advise us ahead of time by at lease 48 hours if your number changes.

Tea Lunch- Selection of gourmet teas & a small sandwich complimented by scones and fresh fruit flowers.

High Tea- Selection of gourmet teas with pastries, scones, & savories.

Children’s Tea- Specially designed menu for children to introduce them to teas perfect for birthday parties.


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